High Quality Magical Drawstring NU-Bra (BLACK)

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1 box + 1 paperbag
-超薄肉色聚拢双乳 收副乳 焦点保护 (Tightly closed sides,Chest size are suitable seamless)
-特殊边缘弧形设计能将赘肉向胸部中间靠拢 (Provide better support and better shape)
-罩杯即刻升级 提升效果显著 聚拢效果超好 (Highly concentrated)
-适合婚纱 晚装 露背装可单独穿着或配合普通文胸穿戴 (Suitable to wear to dance class, clubbing, dinner dress, etc..)
-水洗后也可重复使用 (Very sticky. Can be worn for many times after wash)

1. Clean your chest and armpits before wearing NuBra, loose the rope to the maximum.

2. Flip the NuBra outward for easier to stick it on the breast

3. Tilt it 45 ° vertical and stick the NuBra surround of breast

4. Gather and centralize the breast, then tighten the rope to perform push-up effect

1. 穿戴前冲洗干净胸部和腋下皮肤,将拉绳放松至最大限度

2. 将文胸反凹,更容易黏贴在胸部

3. 呈45°竖直倾斜,并绕着乳房周围贴紧文胸

4. 将胸部向中集中聚拢,并收紧拉绳以达到最佳聚拢效果